Common Krait is the Most Mysterious Snake


This is a photograph of the latest workshop on Snakebite , held at the CMOH office , Hoogly, West Bengal. All the BMOHs ( Block Medical Officer of Health) of the district , all BPHNs , some PHNs and some ASHA supervisors attended the WS.

   Enthusiasm on the part of the BMOHs to learn the subject was enormous. he CMOH himself was present all along , his active participation  in the interactive session was notable.

  But , the message from this W S for this site is " Confession by one BMOH "; he confessed that , he missed one Common  krait bite case recently , the patient presented with pain abdomen and died in his health center. 



One such Workshop was arranged at the CMOH office of South 24-Paraganas at the same day and time. Dr. Abhik Sinha , Asst. Prof, CM of CNMC , Kolkata , presented the same presentation there. Members of Canning JSS presented their live snake demonstration  in that W S.



Principal of Calcutta National Medical College , Kolkata : 70014 was very much involved in the CME on Snakebite , arranged by IAPSM at CNMC on 30th Sept 2011 . Incidentally the Principal is a professor of Pharmacology. Principal , Prof. Rabindranath Chattopadhyay  discussed in details about the use of Atropine with Neostigmine in case of a Neurotoxic Snake bite.  Prof said that , these two drugs should not be used simultaneously ; Atropine should be given  a few minutes before Neostigmine. 



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